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Travel Gadgets: Leer at My Gear!

Looking for adventure gear, camping gadgets, motorhome accessories, RV furniture, survival gear or travel gifts? This blog is all about the cool gear!

Travel Gear Good Enough for Bond

Learning to GTFO of My Own Way

I love to travel with technology, and I love travel gadgets.

I created this site to fill the gap between two other projects about traveling and technology that I'm equally passionate about: and

GTFOutcast is my blog and podcast with fellow travel hacker and world traveler, Beau Woods, where we talk about what it takes to live globally, achieve financial independence and follow your dreams. The Learning Banks is the personal blog I created with my wife and best friend, Beth Banks, to document our journey and share lessons, mistakes and achievements unlocked as we learn new languages, cultures, customs, dances, dialects, habits, hobbies, and skills.

Travel Gadgets of All Shapes and Sizes

This site,, is specifically about the travel gear that makes all of this possible, from the best WiFi antennas to the most portable cookware, from the most comfortable travel hammocks to the best USB webcams. The Travel HiTech blog aims to be both a traveler’s resource guide and a flashpacker’s compendium. If you’re GTFO’ing, or just deciding to do some world travel, there’s a pretty strong likelihood that I’ve bought, used and remarked on one or more pieces of tech that just might make your travels more tremendous, and I hope that I can share my experiences with you so that you might enjoy your travels that much more.

Peep My First Travel Gadgets Post!

Of course, no blog is an island… and this blog is built on some pretty stellar technology to enable it to be fast, stable, secure, and useful on desktop and mobile devices. As such, my first travel gadgets post here at the Travel HiTech blog is How to Build a Lightning Fast, Rock Solid and Super Secure WordPress Site, and I hope you enjoy it!

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Taylor Banks is a Hacker, Entrepreneur and Location-independent Startup Mentor. Founder @ ACE Hackware, Organizer and Mentor @dc404 and @cloudmeetup. Mastermind Coach. Passionate about Startups. Frequent Speaker on Anonymity, Privacy, and Security.

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